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This blog was authored by Bryan W. Sheldon, author and Bible teacher. His books are listed below. The studies in the blog are offered in the desire that they may be helpful in directing readers to the truths contained in the Bible.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Surveying Scripture

This title from Bryan surveys each of the ten sections of Scripture. They are:

The Pentateuch (Genesis to Deuteronomy) (5 books)
The Books of History (Joshua to Esther) (12 books)
The Books of Experience (Job to Song of Solomon) (5 books)
The Major Prophets (Isaiah to Daniel) (5 books)
The Minor Prophets (Hosea to Malachi) (12 books)

The Gospels (Matthew to John) (4 books)
The Acts of the Apostles (1 book)
The Pauline Epistles (Romans to Hebrews) (14 books)
The General Epistles (James to Jude) (7 books)
The Revelation (1 book)

This title is the first in the Buddy Bible Study Scheme. In this scheme, for every book sold in the U.K. one copy is given free in Zambia.

This title is published by and designed to support the work of Health Help International, the Newport based charity.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christianity Considered Courses

The 'Christianity Considered' Course is designed to help enquirers form an educated decision as to whether they wish to become a Christian. At present it is designed to last for six sessions, and covers the following subjects:

1. What about the Bible? Is it trustworthy?
2. Who was Jesus?
3. Why the cross?
4. Did Jesus really rise from the dead?
5. How did they become Christians in Bible times?
6. How do I become a Christian?

Courses arranged at venues in Newport, Nelson and Trecynon have already successfully completed. The material, now available as a Powerpoint presentation on a CD-Rom, or as a full presentation on a DVD is currently being used in Fellowships in both Lancashire and Northumberland.

Any fellowship interested in hosting a course should get in touch with Bryan.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mountjoy Bible School can come to you !

The Bible School also travels to other venues. Besides Newport, they are held in Plymouth, (Devon), Six Bells (Nr. Abertillery) and Corbridge, (Nr. Newcastle upon Tyne). They have also been held in Altofts (Yorkshire), and Bromsgrove. This year it is intended to add Blackpool to the list of venues. (n.b. The first of the Blackpool Bible Schools took place on 9th February 2008)

If you feel your church/assembly/fellowship could benefit from a visit of the Mountjoy Bible School, please contact Bryan. Remember, all arrangements can be tailor made for your company. Some fellowships prefer morning and afternoon sessions, others prefer afternoon and evening, while others just have either a morning or an afternoon session. All arrangements are flexible and can be adjusted to local preferences.

In respect of the mobile Bible School., Bryan will be the presenter for the day, and he will be responsible for the teaching. He uses a computer and projector for mostly Powerpoint presentations and if the Church/Fellowship has no equipment, he will bring his own. He also provides notes. For a first visit, the subject is normally ‘The Life of Christ in Its Jewish Setting’.

Saturday Bible School Dates

Saturday Bible School, 9th May 2009 (9.45 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.) at Wolseley Road Gospel Hall, Plymouth.
The Messiah and the Covenants of Israel (1)

Saturday Bible School, 16th May 2009 (10.15 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.) at Mountjoy Christian Fellowship, Newport.

There are more Saturday Bible Schools to be announced as the dates are finalised.