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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Living for God when life is an enigma

The Message of Job

JOB - the first book of Wisdom

These books are called the books of wisdom. Herein is the wisdom of God. To find the cause of the seen we must look to the unseen. The solution to the riddle of life is spiritual not physical. You cannot think your way out of a spiritual difficulty. Job and Daniel would teach us that if we wish to affect things here we must address ourselves there. Events happen here because they are allowed there. But remember, Job was under the protection of God

First everything was protected

Then only Job was protected

Then only his life was protected

The permissive will of God in Job may be too high for us – How can we understand it? For all that has happened to Job he is still under the protection of God - But what about Jesus? There the fence was completely taken away: ‘He that spared not His own son, but freely gave Him up’.

Main Arguments

3 men have come to visit – they are joined by a fourth. Initially they are dumb in the face of such a calamity. Then words,  words, words (for 35 chapters). 20 chapters for Job, 4 for Eliphaz, 3 for Bildad, 2 for Zophar and 6 for Elihu. There are fourteen  speakers, The Lord, Satan, Job, Job’s wife, Job’s friends, four messengers, a spirit and a horse. Remember, the debate takes place among those who know nothing of what has happened in heaven.

The arguments presented by these men are drawn on such resources as they have – their own experience, the experience of others, what they have heard from their fathers.


There is wisdom here – there is truth here. It may be truth generally but it does not help Job.  Human wisdom is insufficient to light up the path of the godly. “He knoweth the way that I take”.

As for God, His way is perfect

He maketh my way perfect.

Is this what you want? For God to make your way perfect  – even if it means living for God when life is an enigma?

They all fall silent one by one.

Next Time - The Answer of God