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This blog was authored by Bryan W. Sheldon, author and Bible teacher. His books are listed below. The studies in the blog are offered in the desire that they may be helpful in directing readers to the truths contained in the Bible.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

New Bible Class

Sunday 1st September
Tomorrow evening at Ebenezer Church Abbotsbury Road Weymouth a new Bible Class will begin. It has been requested by a small local group of mainly young Christians who are keen to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible. We are planning to use much of the teaching materials developed over many years in the ministry of Mountjoy Bible School. We plan to start at the very beginning with an examination of the reliability of the Bible documents. You can join us online.
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Saturday, August 31, 2019

New Mountjoy Bible Study Dates

For nearly twenty years Bryan led the teaching ministry of Mountjoy Evangelical Church. He was assisted in this by his fellow elder Eddie Donald. Together they traveled with the Mountjoy Bible School and shared the teaching sessions. No one can replace Bryan but the ministry continues and Eddie is now starting a new class, based in Weymouth. He has a new web site https://mountjoybibleschool.uk/ and would love to meet up with old friends on this new site.

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