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Friday, June 18, 2010

New Book from the pen of Bryan W Sheldon

The Messiah and the Covenants of Israel

One of the great foundation blocks of the healthy relationship between God and humankind is His righteousness. It can be guaranteed that in all His speech and actions He is righteous. By this, it is suggested, that because He is righteous you can trust what He says, you can trust His word. Invariably, He says what He means, and He means what He says.

Every word that comes from the LORD is carefully chosen and perfectly weighted. And because of His foreknowledge, He never, at any time, has to reverse or cancel His promises. In these days when there are subtle attempts to undermine the Word of God, we declare we can trust it, all of it, with no exceptions, and this includes those utterances that have covenant status. We have confidence in the righteousness of God, and confidence in the Word of God, and confidence in the covenant promises of God.

This book is an examination of the Abrahamic Covenant; the Mosaic Covenant; the Land Covenant; the Davidic Covenant and especially the New Covenant. And since the New Covenant is the rock on which the blessing of the Church is built, we will ask and answer the question, ‘how can the Church enjoy the blessing of the New Covenant, when it was declared to be for the nation of Israel?’

The last chapter asks the question, 'Has the Church replaced Israel in the purposes of God?' and gives the answer 'No' supplying a number of reasons why we should reject the replacement view.

The book is published by Gospel Folio Press (Port Colborne): A5 size: 180 pages:
ISBN 978 192 676 5105

Any that have difficulty in obtaining a copy should contact the author: b.sheldon@ntlworld.com

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